We’re E-Car Club – and we’re thrilled to be part of the E-Flex project

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology is set to transform any car into a source of revenue.

This is great news for people and businesses who own an electric vehicle. And for organisations like us, who operate a large fleet with many numbers of electric vehicles, it represents a significant opportunity.  

That’s why we’re involved in E-Flex. We want to test V2G’s potential to change the way we operate, and help to support the grid in times of increasing energy demand.

We’re E-Car Club. In this blog post, I’m going to introduce ourselves, and explain why we’re looking forward to being a part of the project.

We are E-Car Club

First, I’ll give you a quick bit of background on us.

E-Car Club is the UK’s leading low emission car club. Founded in 2011, the club initially launched in Milton Keynes. Today we have vehicles in locations spread across the UK, from East London to Scotland.

In 2015 Europcar acquired a majority stake in E-Car Club, completing a full takeover in 2017. As one of the world’s leading rental companies, Europcar Mobility Group is an invaluable partner for us as we realise our vision for the future.

And our vision is simple: we want to transform mobility by delivering smart, shared travel solutions which minimise negative impacts on the environment and are affordable to all.

To do this, we provide individuals and businesses with convenient and flexible access to electric cars and vans, without the high cost of owning them.

We offer fleet solutions through our managed pool car service for businesses or for our vehicles available on-street, our users simply sign-up (online or via the app), book their car, and drive.

We currently operate four models of electric vehicles in the fleet. Access to the vehicle is through the membership card or app. You just turn up at a base site local to your house or business, unplug your vehicle from the charging point, and away you go.

When you’re finished, you need to return the vehicle to the base so it can be re-charged (this is known as a ‘back-to-base’ model).

We maintain the vehicles, and you can hire by the hour. There’s no surge pricing or hidden add-ons – so it’s an affordable option no matter what time of day it is.

When E-Flex met E-Car

Vehicle-to-grid technology has enormous potential to revolutionise the mobility sector.

It will shape the car club model especially. Currently, when our vehicles are static we are not earning revenue from them. V2G opens up the possibility that we will be able to sell energy stored in our cars back to the grid, opening up a new revenue stream for our business.

And, of course, it’s great to be working towards a more efficient, environmentally friendly way of using energy. As an electric car club solution, this is at the heart of our values – so it’s a bonus to be able to collaborate with a wide consortium who share our beliefs.

We hope the future of mobility will be V2G electric car clubs. Our aim for the project is to prove the business case for V2G for car clubs, and maximise the benefits by using this additional value to offer a new proposition to our clients.

Leading the charge in the electric revolution

At E-Car Club, we’re leading the field in electric vehicle rental. It’s great to be part of a project which is also leading the change in the sector, accelerating V2G technology to market and proving its value to car clubs everywhere.

If you are a fleet owner interested in testing out V2G but you don’t have compatible electric vehicles on fleet, you can hire one of our cars through our pool car solution or hiring our vehicles near your business site.  Learn about the opportunities V2G can offer your fleet and become a part of the E-Flex V2G Demonstrator.

In the meantime, I’m going to be speaking at Everything EV on the 3rd of April. If you’re interested in hearing more about E-Car Club and the E-flex project, sign up for the event.