We’re proud to be powering E-Flex – here’s why

The most effective way to test innovation is to see if it works in a city. This is true of everything, from a traffic light to a road sign - and it’s especially true of new energy solutions like vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology.

With V2G, we’re trying to re-write the relationship between cars and the electrical network, so that vehicles can give energy back to the grid as well as taking it away. Instead of simply consuming energy, vehicles will be capable of storing it, forming a virtual power plant that interacts with the rest of the grid.

Clearly, there is greatest need for this kind of technology in a city. Average energy demands in a metropolitan area far exceed those of rural or suburban areas. And of course, cities are complicated congested things, with huge logistics and infrastructure making them work. Integrating new technology with this existing system is a massive challenge in its own right.

For this reason, we’re excited to be part of the E-Flex project that is putting V2G to the test in the UK’s most complex urban environment: London.

It’s been said of another great city, but it’s true for London too: if V2G can make it there, it can make it anywhere.

Introducing GIVe™ to London

E-Flex is a scaled demonstration of 200 EVs in real businesses and organisations in London. Working with the rest of the consortium - whose expertise ranges from transport, local government, technology and beyond – we aim to gain an insight into the whole-system benefits of V2G in a large city.

Our Grid Integrated Vehicle platform (GIVe™) will be powering the E-Flex fleet. The platform works with bi-directional charging stations to transform electric vehicles into mini power stations, or ‘energy assets’.

We’re proud to be the industrial strategic partner helping the consortium bring V2G to London and the eight million people who live there.

And we’re going to get a lot in return.

The really exciting part about the E-Flex project is that it will allow us to discover brand new things about the electrical grid, which will enable us to develop new services and better ways to do things.

London: a natural home for V2G

Nuvve was founded nine years ago with the aim of rolling out V2G technology worldwide. Today, we operate in five continents, with our headquarters in San Diego, California, and offices in Copenhagen, London, Delaware, and Paris.

But E-Flex is particularly interesting to us because it’s in London. From an energy perspective, there are lots of unique things happening in the capital.

First, the UK’s grid is quite weak. It’s an island, and this obviously results in a highly isolated power network.

And it’s undergoing huge transformation. The government is aiming to replace old coal plants with renewable energy sources, like wind and solar power.

They are already making up a greater and greater percentage of the UK’s energy sources - in the second quarter of 2018, 28.1% of the UK’s power came from renewables.  

On top of this, London is an electronically dense place. There’s a real need to stabilise the grid and electrify the heart of the city - but at the same time, there’s no room for a new sub-station.

So we need to find an alternative that requires less space. This is where V2G fits in perfectly.

There’s another thing that makes London and E-Flex such an attractive project to be a part of: the backing from government and local authorities. The E-Flex consortium includes Transport for London, and is supported by the Mayor of London and the Greater London Authority.

Having this kind of backing is great, as it helps us access the kind of information we need to make E-Flex bigger and better.

And, of course, it’s wonderful to see that V2G is a priority for the authorities in London.

The future is electric

The UK is driving V2G innovation, and Nuvve is proud to be powering it through our GIVe™ platform.

By transforming electric vehicles into energy assets that work in cooperation with the grid, V2G looks to solve some of the unique energy challenges facing London today. That’s why E-Flex is such a relevant and valuable project – it puts this solution to the test.

We’re excited to see what the future of V2G in London will bring – and we’re even more excited to be a part of it.