Two phase process


To demonstrate the potential of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, the testing of our 200-strong fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) will happen in two phases: predictable fleets and dynamic fleets.

Learn more about each phase below.


Phase one: predictable fleets

Through E-Flex we are effectively trying to create a new energy market by taking unused power from EVs to use in other places.

This is a hugely complex task, so if we want this to work we need to start relatively small and then scale things up.

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So for the first phase of our project we’ll test our fleet within a predictable environment, where vehicles are on a fixed schedule and we know when vehicles are going to be used, and when they will be plugged in.

Once we’ve established a marketplace around these parameters we can move on to the second phase of the project.

Phase two: dynamic fleets

The second phase of the project will build on phase one by introducing more complex environments, demonstrating how V2G can handle the unpredictable way people often use and charge EVs in the real world.

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We’ll test how fleets react to unknown charging schedules and usage patterns, while analysing the commercial and environmental impact of V2G.

By the end of phase two we aim to create a working and sustainable marketplace for V2G that could help power tomorrow.